Janice Lacey

With an undergraduate degree in Biology, Medical Technology certification and Masters of Science degree in Forensic Chemistry in hand, Dr. Janice (Jan) Lacey entered the field of forensics (in the age of Quincy). She worked for 14 years as a Forensic Chemist with the Indiana State Police Laboratory as a Serologist, including a tenure as Serology Supervisor. After an extremely interesting and successful career, she embarked on a second, equally interesting and rewarding career in Veterinary Medicine.

Graduating with her DVM from Purdue University in 1998, Jan was accepted into the Purdue Anatomic Pathology Residency program in conjunction with the Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. She received her Masters of Science in 2001 and worked as an Anatomic Pathologist at the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory while study for boards, passing in 2002.

Jan joined Antech is April of 2003 and is a member of both the AVMA and ACVP. Her pathology interests include all biopsies, including the difficult ones, and she especially enjoys interaction with clinicians and colleagues alike for the opportunity to exchange information.

Accompanying Jan on her journey, through it all, is her husband, Mark. They reside in Phoenix, AZ. Jan enjoys yoga, travel, Diamondbacks baseball and a good laugh, at least once a day!