Jade Fisher

Jade Fisher, a graduate of the Colorado State University Veterinary school, completed a Pathology residency at the University of Tennessee in 2017, and is recognized as a board certified Anatomic Pathologist. Dr. Fisher was raised on Kauai’s southern shores and being away from the islands while pursuing her education left a longing for the warm waters of home. It wasn’t until attending residency at the University of Tennessee (UT) that she was able to supplement her connection to the ocean with a newfound appreciation to Tennessee’s beautiful rivers and waterways. While in Tennessee, Jade collaborated on research that investigated intersex changes due to urban and agricultural water runoff in freshwater fish. The data was part of ongoing research and Jade presented the intersex findings at the annual American Fisheries Society conference. In addition to enjoying aquatic and fish pathology, Jade also enjoys wildlife, zoo, and exotic animal pathology and volunteers at marine mammal stranding events in the state of Hawaii. Jade enjoys all things outdoors and spending time with her two rescue cats named Piki and Mac and a goofy Great Dane-mix she rescued named Silas.